CKO is Canoe/Kayak Racing WITH Orienteering+

CKO is canoe/kayak racing WITH orienteering - tell your friends!

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Winning USCA Canoe/Kayak Orienteering+

WINNING CANOE-O: "A Seven-Time US Canoe-Orienteering Champion Reveals All" By Aims Coney, USCA Canoe-Orienteering Chair, 2008

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CVOC White Bank Park CKO (Aug 13, 2011)+

The Central Virginia Orienteering Club (CVOC) held a Canoe/Kayak Orienteering (CKO) event at White Bank Park in Colonial Heights, VA...

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USCA CKO National Championships (Aug 10, 2011)+

The United States Canoe Association (USCA) held the Canoe/Kayak Orienteering Championships at their National Competition at Eh Henning County Park...

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CKO Race Guidelines+

Canoe/Kayak Orienteering (CKO) borrows the best features of canoe racing and orienteering. Meet organizers have considerable latitude to design events...

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